About Us

Onyx Aesthetics Studio is a personal care studio offering natural nail care treatments, enhanced nail services, facial waxing, and eyelash extensions. In partnership with Creative Nail Design (CND) we are the only CND-exclusive salon in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, Canada. Our experienced aestheticians strive to offer the highest quality products and services in a clean and professional environment. With a background in dental assisting, we are diligent with sanitation and employ the use of a dental-grade autoclave to keep our tools clean.

Our shop theme is true to our personalities. We’ve created a warm and inviting environment that we hope feels like home. We are inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood and the comfort of our natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest. Coupled with our historic space in the restored Argyll Building, there’s a surprise in every nook, cranny, and frame, and trinkets in every corner. The colours we’ve chosen to grace the walls are neutral black and white, with just a hint of the glitter and gold in all of us.